Post-Pandemic – The Future of Business Events & Exhibitions


So many changes in the industry of exhibitions and healthcare events have been seen because of COVID-19. Everyone was thinking that no date will be available in the future for any event and so they decided to postpone or cancel their exhibitions, tradeshows and conferences. 

In the absence of a timescale for working on, we can’t re-organize any conference or exhibition with great ease. We may have to face these types of problems because of the Pandemic. For rescheduling the events what will be the right time to spend money and time? The organizers of the events are concerned a lot about this because nobody knows when this Pandemic will come to an end.

Can virtual events help us in this situation? A number of changes can be seen in our working because of this Pandemic’s impact.

1. Preparing contingency plans – A lot of people are facing financial problems because of COVID-19. In this situation, it becomes important for the event organizers to prepare contingency plans. Predicting the future is not so easy now as all the football matches, Edinburgh Festival and Olympics were cancelled because of COVID-19. The chances of the success of an event are very low and there are more chances of their cancellation. So, for organizing the conferences and exhibitions why do the managers of events pay money? In order to avoid the revenue from being lost the suppliers and venues will be very careful.

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2. Costs of insurance – There are chances of a large number of security claims because of coronavirus and so the industry of insurance is trying to take a number of measures so that they do not have to pay a huge amount of money. In their new policies the communicable diseases are excluded. COVID-19 has also been excluded from their policies. They have made their terms and conditions stringent so that if someone gets infected by coronavirus in a conference or exhibition then getting insurance cover will not be so easy for him.

3. Part played by technology – For organizing the remote events the people got a lot of help from social media. In promoting the events the use of digital marketing as well as technologies of various types has been made by various exhibitions and events. The virtual events can be very helpful in the future. With the help of these, by being present at home the delegates can take part in the conference that streams in a live manner. However, it is not so easy to electronically reproduce the exhibitions. But because of COVID-19 the people have learnt a lot and now they are taking interest in the use of technology for organizing conferences.

4. Impact on demand and supply – Because of COVID-19 the survival of exhibition and event related freelancers and trades has become very difficult. A lot of people have sold out their venues. After the reduction of the problem what consequence we may have to face? For the purpose of earning money a lot of freelancers are trying to work somewhere else. Conferences are being delayed for a long time. Because of all this, various problems in the supply chain also have occurred. When the problem of COVID-19 will be over then picking up the conferences so as to perform the businesses will be very easy for strong and experienced agencies. Because of their increased appetite after isolation, they will take more interest in doing this. A lot of businesses will try to get their position back to the normal level. 

5. Safety and health – Are there any chances of meeting with friends and relatives in a normal manner once again? Suppose the things get normal then what are the possibilities that after entering the exhibition arena the delegates’ temperature will be checked by someone? What is the likelihood of getting someone out of the conference if he is suffering from cold? We need to follow the practices that are safe so that we can meet with the people of our interest. In the checklist of safety and health, protection against COVID-19 needs to be added so that we can organize events and exhibitions with great ease.

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