Reasons to Choose Destination Wedding in Pushkar

destination wedding in Pushkar

Destination Wedding in Pushkar

Pushkar is one of the best places for a destination wedding in India for many Hindus. A destination wedding in Pushkar is quite exceptional due to its spiritual appeal due to the singular Lord Brahma temple. And the mystical ambiance created by the sacred lake resounding with devotional songs. Also, with hymns from hundreds of temples located on its Ghats.

Location for Destination Wedding in Pushkar

Pushkar is a small town in Ajmer district, in the state of Rajasthan, in western India. It is near the border of the Thar Desert and located at a distance of about 400 km from the national capital New Delhi. Its location around the sacred Pushkar Lake makes it one of the best wedding venues in India for religious people.

Best Weather to Plan Destination Wedding in Pushkar

Pushkar’s climate is generally hot but not as dry and arid as the rest of the desert state of Rajasthan. There are chiefly three seasons.

  1. The summer season lasts from March to mid-July and is hot and sultry.
  2. The hottest month is May with an average daily temperature of 30 degrees Celsius minimum and 42 degrees Celsius maximum.
  3. The monsoon season lasts from mid-July to September and results in low average rainfall and wet conditions. The wettest period is July-August.
  4. The winter season begins in November and continues until February. As a result, this coldest month is January with an average daily temperature of 11 degrees Celsius minimum and 23 degrees Celsius maximum. The winter months are perfect for sacred destination weddings in Pushkar.


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Located 10 kilometers from Ajmer, Pushkar. Also, it is well served by rail, road and air transport. The nearest airport is 45 kilometers away, in Kishangarh. Jaipur Airport is approximately 150 kilometers away. There are daily one-hour non-stop flights between Delhi and Kishangarh. This makes weddings in Pushkar easy to organize.

Why Destination Wedding in Pushkar?

  1. Pushkar is a beautiful wedding destination in India. Its unique spiritual aura attracts many Hindus from all over the world. And, who wish to exchange their marriage vows in the sacred land of Lord Brahma.
  2. Weddings in Pushkar are also popular due to the many wedding hotels in Pushkar. And, that cater to all tastes and pocket sizes. Also, Many Pushkar wedding resorts offer great options for nice budget weddings in India. Also, from this, almost all Pushkar wedding venues serve exclusive pure Indian vegetarian cuisine. As a result, completing a truly sacred Hindu wedding experience.
  3. Pushkar is an easily accessible destination wedding venue in India as it is well served by road, rail, and air. It can be reached in just one to two hours from New Delhi and Mumbai by direct daily flights. Low airfares and attractive discounts on group bookings in advance are other perks that favor destination weddings in Pushkar.
  4. A destination wedding in this holy city is quite easy to organize due to the local availability of wedding-related supplies, support, and services. Also, including professional wedding planners in Pushkar.
  5. A destination wedding in this holy city can have great tourist appeal and spiritual attraction for many wedding guests.

Advantages of having a destination wedding in Pushkar compared to any other place in the country

Pushkar is perhaps the only place in the world with a temple dedicated to Jagatpita Brahma, the Creator God among the Hindu Trinity. This rare 14th-century temple near the holy Pushkar Lake gives this ancient city exceptional religious significance. For those who want to be blessed by the Creator at their wedding, a destination wedding in this holy city is a great idea.

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