A Complete Guide to Study MBBS in China

mbbs in china

China is becoming a destination for international students who want to study their a degree at a fast pace. If you are surprised what makes international students to choose study MBBS in China, here is some information for you – the Chinese university or college that offering admission to China for international students has prepared its course material in the English language. But that is not the only reason to study MBBS in China for international students. Certainly, the teaching course in English medium is probably one of the most important reasons why international students, especially students from India who choose to go to China, are increasingly choosing China as their career destination, but there are more.

Worldwide Recognition

The Chinese government publishes a list of eligible universities for MBBS every year that are allowed to offer admission to international students for their higher studies. The Chinese universities on this list are also listed in the WHO (World Health Organization) list of medical schools, which simply means that if you get a medical degree from any of these universities – you will be fully eligible to take medical examinations in most of its countries such as India, USA (United States of America), South Africa, UK (United Kingdom), Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, etc. Upon successful completion of the 6 years medical degree course with a 1-year internship included, Indian students receive their graduation degree from China. You can then return to India and appear on the MCI (Medical Council of India) screening test and once you have passed you can start practicing as a doctor anywhere in India.

Low Criteria Requirement

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Chinese universities for MBBS may not have very strict entry requirements, but that does not translate into a lack of quality education. Medical universities, which have been approved by the Chinese government, are on the WHO (World Health Organization) list and are recognized by the MCI (Medical Council of India), offer a high-quality world-class medical course. The MBBS in China is almost similar to the medical courses in the top medicine courses in India.

English-Medium Teaching System

The international students, this is the most important factor. Chinese medical universities recognize this extremely well. Therefore, teachers who teach international students are well trained in the English language and are very capable of teaching and communicating expressively with students in the English language. Chinese universities even employ foreign professors for English language speaking countries often. So if you are afraid to follow to study MBBS in China, assuming you have to teach Mandarin to be accepted, nothing can be extreme from reality.

Economical Living Cost

Aside from the fact that study MBBS in China is almost 70% cheaper than studying MBBS at any private university of MBBS in India, the total cost of living is amazingly within your means for international students. Everything from renting a hostel or renting an apartment to the cost of groceries is the same as in any major city in India, sometimes even cheaper, depending on which location you choose to live in China. Of course, the major cities like Shanghai or Beijing would be more expensive, so medical university like Southeast University China is mostly located in a place where the thing is accessible to international students.

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