Speedy Way to Grow Triceps

For those who want to get bulging biceps, the press-downs are not enough. Also, these men tend to work hard on their triceps. At the same time, many fail to realize that press-down only works on the lateral head of the triceps. If you pay attention to that only, then it will lead to the underdevelopment of the other two heads.

So, if you want to use the best anabolic steroids for sale and grow your triceps fast, you should follow these five tips in developing balanced and thick triceps:

Push It

The first tip is that when you are doing press downs, see that it is done properly. Usually, the bar is held like motorcycle handlebars.  For that, you have to push with your fingers. This places stress on both the hands and wrists. The wrists tend to extend back in it, lessening the amount of force you apply to the bar. The best thing to do is push down using the heel of your palms.

You would know when you have a grasp on this technique because you will not have to wrap your fingers around the bar. Moreover, you shall know how much weight you are capable of doing on press-downs. Greater overloads urge tricep growth.

Pull It

Then, it is about following the advice. You have to do it. Now, flip your grip and then take an underhand grip to pull the weight down when you are doing the triceps press down. The overhand version puts more stress on the lateral triceps head. When it comes to the underhand version, it places better stress on the medial head. The only way to boost overall tricep mass is when you increase the mass of the three heads. You need to devote time to the medical head for that.

See that you do the reverse-grip pressdown with an EZ-bar attachment and rotating collar. This shall remove the stress from your wrists.

Angle It

If you want to build triceps, then you must know the lying triceps extension. It is called skull crushers. Try them on incline or decline. And when you change the angle of these effective exercises, it shall change the tricep head on which stress is placed. The more you place your arms in front of the body and overhead, the more the long head is emphasized.

Doing skull crushers on the flat bench makes your arms perpendicular to the body. Both the long and lateral heads are equally involved this way.  The medial head is also used in the process. The arms tend to move more toward the overhead when you do the movement on the incline bench. It stresses the long head more. Also, doing the decline bench helps in making the arms move down towards the side of the body. It is similar to the triceps press down. Compared to the long head, it puts more stress on the lateral head using the medial head for assistance at the top of the rep.

Drop Sets

What we commonly known as drop sets are actually called the Weider principle. It happens to be an intensity technique that you can apply to any of the exercises that have been mentioned earlier. It shall exceed your expectations in terms of triceps growth. You have to first take a set to failure to do a drop set. And then the weight is immediately reduced. Now, continue the set to failure again. You can do it once, twice, or thrice. For as many times you want to use the triceps.

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You should drop about 20-30% of the original weight on each set.  To prevent overtraining, do the drop sets on the last set or two of each exercise. Doing drop sets increase muscle growth by taking the muscle to the point beyond muscle failure. It can help in boosting the production of growth hormone that is responsible for muscle growth. Also, you can take injectable bulking steroids for sale that make you bulk up fast. With proper diet and exercise, of course.

Using Bands

One of the most effective ways to increase muscle strength and power is using bands and chains. The theory behind this is linear variable resistance, this points out that the resistance increases with the range of motion of the exercise. Can you utilize them for bigger triceps? One of the best ways to increase the involvement of the triceps is using bands or chains on the close-grip bench press.

A close-grip bench press is a multi-joint exercise. You can also increase the amount of stress that you place on the triceps. More weight means more muscle growth. Also, pressing the bar off your chest increases the involvement of the triceps and makes the bar move higher. Using bands and chains increases and improves the resistance as the range of motion increases with it. Also, using them on the close-grip bench press tends to put increased stress on the triceps. It lessens the stress in the chest and delts used in the lower half of the range of motion.

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