Here’s How You Can Obtain A Healthy Scalp For Smooth Hair Growth!

Smooth Hair Growth

As air pollution is increasing, we must take care of our hair health. A healthy scalp is essential for smooth hair growth. We must know our hair type and then buy hair products. A person having oily hair should not use oily hair products.

Many people do have hair problems, including itchy hair full of dandruff. It can be not very comfortable among people. Improving scalp health may boost your confidence and give you peace of mind. You can buy hair products online after getting a thorough knowledge of those particular products.

What Describes a Healthy Scalp?

According to dermatologists, a healthy scalp and hair are free from itchiness, flakiness, irritation, pain, acne, sun damage, and excessive hair fall. These issues of hair must be ailed; otherwise, these can be permanent. Hair follicle produces sebum oil which keeps hair scalp moisturized. Hair follicles on the scalp should be taken care of.

How to have a Healthy Scalp?

Few hair care tips and a perfect regimen should be followed to get a healthy scalp and hair.

a) Using Gentle Haircare Products

Avoid hair products containing Sulfates, Alcohols, Parabens that may cause hair damage. Sulfates deprive all-natural oils of the hair and remove dead cells by making the scalp itchy and dry. Try to avoid such chemicals in your hair.

b) Wash hair less often

Frequent shampooing can strip away all-natural oils of the hair. People with dry hair should avoid shampooing often. Try to increase the time between hair washes so that oil production can be balanced.

c) Gently shampooing

Never scrub your hair hard while you do shampoo; instead, you can massage it. Massaging can increase blood circulation and avoid abrasions.

d) Consume Omega 3 Supplement

Some research shows Omega 3 or fish oil supplements to be beneficial for hair growth and reduction in hair loss. These things nourish hair because it has nutrients.

e) Eat Antioxidant Food

Antioxidants are secret saviours of your hair. It maintains collagen balance within the body which in turns keeps the hair thick and shiny. The best sources from where we can get antioxidants are vegetables and fruits.

f) Take Probiotics

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Probiotics improve gut health and balance the microbiome of it. We know that the gut is linked with our skin and thus scalp. So consuming probiotics can improve your skin microbiome.

g) Some Homemade Products

Using rice water as shampoo can be beneficial for hair. Even eggs can do wonders to your hair scalp. You can mix yoghurt and lemon and use it on hair skin. Last but not least, apply crushed Amla and Methi, which works well for hair follicles.


We should remember that a healthy scalp can only lead to healthy hair. A good hair care routine must be set to improve your hair health. Conditioners moisturize the hair, and moisturizer hydrates skin, so you can buy a moisturizer for oily skin in India, which can benefit your skin too.

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