Why Should You Choose A Herbal Product Over A Non-herbal One?

Herbal Product

Herbal products are products derived from herbs or plants. These products are very safe and harmless for your skin. These do not have any type of chemicals like sulfates or parabens, which can harm your skin. These have been in use for centuries in Indian culture. There is an essential scripture in Indian history known as Ayurveda. It signifies the importance of herbs and herbal products. Even today, many of our best makeup products in India are herbal products, and medicines are based on ancient studies from Ayurveda. Herbal products are also eco-friendly.

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Why should we choose herbal products?

  • Natural: Herbal products are extracted from nature. They are free from chemicals like sulfates and parabens that deteriorate our skin or hair’s quality. They are gentle and soft on our bodies. These products do not show results immediately, but you can see significant changes in the long run. For example, some herbal hair cleansers come in powdered form. Since they are in powdered form, they do not consist of any preservatives. They are not heavily scented or altered in other ways. So, when you wash your hair with these, your hair is free from all the dirt and other particles, but your hair’s natural oils are also protected. You will notice that your hair starts feeling and looking much healthier in a few washes.
  • Bio-degradable: Herbal Products are often bio-degradable. They can be disposed of without causing much harm to the environment. Some of the herbal products are made of the daily waste produced in our kitchens. There are many herbal face masks made of dried orange peels which remove tan available in the market. Similarly, there are many shampoos; body washes made of Amla, Shikakai, and other ingredients available in our kitchen. This reduces the waste that we throw out, in a way helping the environment. The packaging of many herbal products is also done in paper or steel containers which can be reused.
  • Suitable for all: Herbal products are one of the few products that suit almost everyone. Every age group, right from older people to kids, can use these products. They are safe and healthy. They also suit all skin types and different hair types. People with oily or dry skins, acne, scars, pigmentation, anti-ageing have herbal products available for their needs. There are many herbal shampoos for thin hair, hair fall problems, dandruff, rough hair, split ends, etc. Compared to synthetic products, these products are more sustainable and will uphold the quality of your skin and hair much longer. Nowadays, many of these companies are selling herbal products like shampoos, masks at low prices.


Nature has an answer to everything. We must be patient enough to listen to what it says. Our body is supposed to be in sync with nature and its elements. We are made up of the same five elements that nature is made up of earth (Prithvi), water (Jala), fire (Tejas), wind (Vayu), and space (akasha). Using herbal products means using a part of nature, making them a part of us. You can find anti aging creams online at reasonable prices.

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