Planning a Destination Wedding in Jaipur?

destination wedding in Jaipur

Destination Wedding in Jaipur

Jaipur, popularly known as the ‘Pink City of India’, is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after locations in India for royal weddings. The city is filled with magnificent architecture that attracts couples from all over the world. At Blissful Plans, we’ve handpicked several wedding venues across the city to help you plan your destination wedding in Jaipur. Read on to find out more about planning a destination wedding in Jaipur:

Location details and connectivity to the world

Jaipur is the capital of Indian state Rajasthan. As a result, it is most chosen for wedding in the city. It also has an international airport which connects some of the major cities of the world.

Another option for those looking to reach in pink city from other parts of the country is using the railways. It is also possible to travel from neighboring cities by cars and buses.

Climate / Best time to get married

The best time to plan a destination wedding in the city is during the winter season. During the day the temperature is usually between 20 and 30 ° C, and at night the minimum temperature is around 15-22 ° C.

During the summers, the temperature can get very hot and ranges from 40 to 45 ° C. The city is generally extremely humid and hot during the summer months.

  • The best time to get married: November to February
  • Time to avoid: May to August

Cost of a destination wedding in Jaipur

The rupture can be roughly estimated at-

  • 2-night stay with meal per person: INR 25,000 and over
  • Decoration and design costs: INR 10 upwards: INR 3 upwards
  • Entertainment and audiovisual: 3 INR upwards
  • Video/photography: 2 INR lakh upwards
  • Miscellaneous / other costs: 2 INR Lakh +

* Please note that accommodation costs differ a lot on certain dates and months. The above estimate is just for reference.

Best venues for a destination wedding in Jaipur

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Here are 8 best venues for wedding. These venues are chosen by best wedding planners in Jaipur.

  1. Fairmont Jaipur
  2. Taj Rambagh Palace
  3. Taj Jai Mahal Palace
  4. Chomu Palace
  5. Clarks Amer
  6. JW Marriott
  7. Samode Palace
  8. Shiv Vilas Palace

Choose Decoration of Your Choice

Because Indian weddings tend to be very colorful, just add yards of the colorful curtain to the ceiling. You don’t have to stick to pale white or pale pink, opt for bright yellow, Rani pink, and reds instead. In no time, your place will be decorated like the most common wedding. For maximum effect, have your decorator place the lights in a way that adds to the beauty of the curtain. Wedding decorators in Bangalore always try to come up with such unique ideas.

When planning your wedding, make sure that each stage of your wedding reflects an encouraging opportunity. By using simple materials available locally, you can ensure that your wedding ceiling reflects a spell on your guest.

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