What Is ITIL? Everything You Need To Know

ITIL, also known as the Information Technology Infrastructure Library, is a globally renowned framework for IT service management. It finds utility across different businesses, including information technology, entertainment and animation. 

ITIL is specially designed to let the users synchronise their IT services and business requirements, thereby creating an atmosphere for gradual service improvement that can help them deliver their products and services in the best possible forms. 

Before we discuss the ITIL certification, let us explore its newer version, i.e., ITIL 4.

What Is ITIL 4?

The ITIL 4 version saw a formal introduction at the itSMF USA Fusion Conference 2017, where the AXELOS Global Practice announced it. The ITIL 4 is a more industry-oriented community-driven version and has significantly improved over its existing ITIL processes, but it also focuses on overcoming the shortcomings of ITIL 3.

ITIL 4 received an overall mixed reception, which is an improvement over its earlier versions. The main areas of concern were the validity of ITIL certification training, which professionals took for the ITIL 3. Some were also curious about the path structure of ITIL 4 and how different it would be from the earlier versions. 

Working Of ITIL 4

ITIL 4 comfortably retains the core elements of the ITIL 3 while adding additional components to increase its utility across different businesses. Main additions include its more community-driven approach and its synchronisation with the current technology changes in the ITSM technology. 

AXELOS made good use of the advice and experiences of ITSM critics and experts, and their new product is far more refined and versatile on the most contested parameters. At the same time, ITSM holds the record of having over 2000 members in its core development team.

Apart from the versatility factor, the AXELOS has also identified new frameworks to integrate with the new ITIL4, such as Lean, DevOps, and Agile, making ITIL more useful for practitioners.

The ITIL 4 certification path is quite different from the ITIL 3 version. Students and professionals gained foundation knowledge in the ITIL life cycle and the capability streams in the previous ITIL training. There was also an option for the ITIL MALC module for achieving a more outstanding grip over ITIL operations for advanced usage.

How Can ITIL Help Businesses?

There are numerous benefits of ITIL training online, both for professionals and businesses. Students pursuing an academic degree in computer science, information technology or related fields can opt for ITIL courses for foundational learning. It is worth mentioning that even after the release of the newer ITIL 4, a large number of modules and from the ITIL 3 certification will continue to remain valid.

Before moving ahead, it’s crucial to mention that ITIL is finding utilities across different fields and businesses since IT management is essential for easy deliverance of products and services. ITIL 4 is a well-equipped ITSM framework and is under the regular tabs of ITSM specialists.

The flexible characteristic of ITIL 4 enables it to incorporate the futuristic technological requirements and develop a robust environment for IT management. The collaborative feature of ITIL 4 allows the employees to work in teams while contributing individually to visualise, create, and implement the services in practice.

Benefits Of ITIL Training

Opting for an ITIL course allows you to learn the fundamentals, working concepts, and applications of ITIL 4, which come in handy while dealing with real-life projects. Several platforms offer you to prepare for the ITIL 4 training and enhance your skills to perform better. 

For professionals who are already trained in the earlier versions, the new ITIL 4 training will serve as an upskill. The usefulness of ITIL 4 can be understood from the huge demand and popularity of the course, as thousands of professionals opt for ITIL training every year. 

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Also, the training helps on several fronts, like they open new doors to employment, enhance the skill set, highlight your resume, and reflect your sincerity to the employers. 


Investing in online ITIL training is always a wise decision as they not only equip themselves with all the necessary skills for handling IT management, but they also give the much-required validation for the same. 

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