6 Things You SHOULD & SHOULDN’T FORGET To Pack For A Trip

Packing for a trip it is important to pack the essentials you can’t live without. Obviously, you’ll have more trouble if you forget to pack your driving license than a couple of additional sandwiches for lunch. You risk ruining your own trip. And you risk even more, trying to rent a car without your passport and driving license. By comparison, you can easily stop your car at the nearest restaurant for dinner. To conclude, it is better to make a packing list in order not to miss something really important. Now, you can read the list of things you’ll definitely regret not including in your packing list. Also, here is an example of really unnecessary stuff.

Essential things YOU SHOULDN’T FORGET

So, it’s time to pack for a road trip. The plan of your journey is ready and all that is left is to rent a car and pack items you won’t forget.

1. Take hand sanitizer

When it comes to your safe journey, a good rental car is not enough. Of course, traveling with a big group of people, a 9-seater car rental is the best option. Is that enough to keep everyone safe? When it comes to protecting your passengers from harmful viruses and bacteria, you should sanitize everything around in your large car. Having sanitizer handy protects you from Corona and helps to enjoy your trip. How to remember? Nowadays, hand sanitizer is a must everywhere, even in the car. Just do yourself a favor and buy your hand sanitizer in bulk.

2. Take the medicine

Having a trip with kids or with a group of people of different ages, it is important to be ready for everything. Are you afraid of a runny nose or throbbing headache? These things will never scare you, especially when you have the right remedy on hand. When you rent a car, make sure the car is equipped with a first aid kit. Tell you what, whatever medicines may be or may not be in the rental vehicle, you’d better pack a bottle of ibuprofen, capsules of cold medicine, and other first-aid remedies. How to remember to pack them? Make a rule always travel with a first-aid kit and keep the medicine you need well stocked. Check your medicines every month if everything you need is available.

3. Take passport and driving license

Obviously, you need a passport to book a flight or a hotel in an unknown city and your driving license to rent a car at the airport. Remember, you can’t pick up your vehicle without your document and a credit card. How to remember to pack your documents? Your passport should be the very first thing you pack whenever you go! Do you remember a car rental app that is able to find you a car everywhere? There is a special application that can remind you to pack your passport and driving license.


1. You don’t need jewelry

If you like wearing rings and bracelets, you may take them. Speaking about more necklaces, earrings, more rings, and other valuable jewelry, you’ll probably use them once or twice on your trip. It’s unnecessary to grab them all! Moreover, your jewelry will attract thieves and you’ll be very disappointed to lose your favorite Rolex. Think about it.

2. You don’t need extra toiletries

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When you rent a large car, you have enough space for your passengers and their luggage. That’s good! You can also take some sports gear, extra clothes, and food. You can even take your favorite bicycle in the car! Do you really need all these things? Of course, traveling with kids you may need some extra stuff. Anyway, don’t worry even if you forgot something. You won’t be away from civilization for an extended period of time, so you can always make a stop at the roadside shop or market and buy what you need.

3. You don’t need too many clothes

It was already said that you don’t need too many clothes for your trip. Remember about layers! This always helps. Also, your wardrobe depends on the weather of the state you are traveling through. What if you’ll need a raincoat instead of your favorite dress? 

Of course, there are many more things you shouldn’t forget for a road trip. That’s why it is recommended to make up a packing list, look it through, and check it again. Remember, you will be so busy at the moment of your departure that will forget something for sure.

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